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The Giclee Process

All the art pieces offered on this website are high quality Giclee canvas reproductions.

What is a Giclee Canvas Reproduction?

The art of reproducing fine art has become even more precise with the invention of the revolutionary Giclee (ghee-clay) reproduction process. A Giclee reproduction is visually exquisite as well as technically amazing. It is unsurpassed for brilliant true color and razor sharp detail. Giclee reproductions are the new standard in the art world. It is embraced for its high quality by major museums, galleries, publishers and artists. A Giclee reproduction is the closest duplication of an original artwork that is humanly, mechanically or technically possible.

The cornerstone of this process are enhanced digital paint reproduction machines which are specifically designed for the rigorous and precise criteria of fine art collectors and connoisseurs of museum quality, limited edition canvas reproductions.

Hundreds of inkjets (more than a million droplets of ink per second) are sprayed on a canvas or watercolor paper spinning on a drum. Once completed an image is comprised of almost 20 billion droplets of ink. The latest Giclee Reproduction Technology enhanced the standard 4-color process to an 8-color process.

The resulting reproduction has no perceptible dot pattern, an endless array of richly saturated color, and every nuance of the original image. The latest inks offer a 70-year light-fastness and UV-resistance under museum archival condition.

They have been shown at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, The Los Angeles County Museum, The British Museum and many others.


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